Brutalistischer Couchtisch mit Kunstwerk aus Keramik und Messing von P...

6 100.00 EUR

This is a Paul Kingma ceramic art slate coffee table with a metal foot. It was made and signed in the 1970s. Paul Kingma was a famous Dutch sculptor. This table was especially made for the technique teacher of Kingma’s son, as appreciation for his support. That is why there is a printed circuit inlay integrated in the table top. No other table has this inlay. The table features a two piece metal base in rounded steel. The concrete tabletop has a perfect composition composed of inlays of grey and ochre slate, red and white stone, brass, and tile that shows a beautiful variety of warm colors. This piece is signed ´´Kingma´´ on a brass tag inset into the tabletop. This unique work of art was made by Kingma in the early 1970s. Kingma´s most refined work dates from this period. The piece was acquired directly from the first owner.

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