Heritage Series Bagnères Couchtisch von Sylvain Willenz für Versant Ed...

2 380.00 EUR

Bagnères; short for Bagnères-en-Bigorre; is located at the foot of the Pyrenees and was carefully chosen by the designer who has personal ties to the area. The Bagnères tables combine the idea of a mini bar from the 1950s and a classic imposing coffee table while remaining welcoming, warm, and practical. The Heritage Series introduces marbles from the Pyrenees: Grand Antique in black and white and the multicolored Sarrancolin Versailles variety. This piece features a powder-coated tubular steel base and a removable powder-coated tubular steel tray. There is a 2 cm thick marble top and the marble bottom shelf is also 2 cm thick. The marble combinations can be customized. Please contact Pamono to state your preference.

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