Französischer Metall Couchtisch von Mathieu Mate?got, 1950er

4 600.00 EUR

This coffee table was designed by Mathieu Mate?got and manufactured by Ateliers Mate?got, France circa 1950. It is made from lacquered perforated metal with original paint. In a very good original vintage condition. Mathieu Mate?got (1910-2001) was a Hungarian and French designer and material artist. He was one of the most renowned French designers of the 1950s. Born and educated in Budapest, he moved to France in the early 1930s, where he worked as a window dresser and women’s clothing designer. He learned metalworking techniques as a prisoner of war in the 1940s, and upon his release began designing furniture, pioneering many of what we now identify as mid-century design tropes, like metal-mounted rattan, steel tubing, and perforated sheet metal. By the 1970s, Mate?got returned to producing tapestries.

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