Belgisches Großes Sideboard von Jos De Mey für Van den Berghe-Pouvers,...

4 250.00 EUR

A large sideboard designed by Jos De Mey for Van den Berghe-Pouvers in Gent, Belgium, circa 1960. Made of walnut with a strong grain, this piece contains a bar chest, four doors, and five-drawer units underneath. The doors contain keyholes and can be locked with small keys that come with the piece. Jos de Mey was a prominent figure in the furniture scene in Gent, Belgium, working in the Van den Berghe-Pauvers furniture company where he would be bound to until the early 1960s. In the early 1950s, upcoming furniture designers like Emiel Veranneman, Eric Lemesre, and Eric Grinwis worked for the company, but mainly Jos de Mey set the tone for their success. De Mey wanted his furniture to be ´´sober and honest´´ and his study at the Gentse Academie has without a doubt been a big influence on his vision. There he was trained by, among others, Geo Bontinck and especially Gaston Eysselinck.

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