Hk 0.75*2 Sideboard von MO-OW

3 154.00 EUR

The Hk furniture line was inspired by a traditional method of construction - the roll-up solid wooden doors. This system was widely used in 1950s-1960s archive furniture, which inspired us to use this foundation in our design. The solid wooden slats bring movement to a static piece, hand out dynamism and a unique form of expression. Albeit, we didn’t want to use this in a conventional manner, we desired to create something innovative with this system. This is how the idea of using this method as a door and as covering simultaneously, like a skin, was generated. Therefor, it was the construction method that guided and built the Hk. We believe in the memory to project the future. We believe it is important to preserve the traditional techniques of woodworking, and we use them in a contemporary way to create and innovate.

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